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Flint Hill Family Firewood

Starting a Bonfire

Our Story

In 2021, we had the idea to utilize our skills with firewood processing and share with others good quality firewood. We have had previous experiences while camping with firewood that was very difficult to get started. We did not care for those experiences and we keep that in mind when we are preparing our firewood for our patrons.

We strive to provide aged wood, well split, and dry so that lighting your fire is not a stressful experience. Will started while in college learning to fell trees, how to properly split wood, and learning what it takes to prepare well dried firewood. We have a roof over our firewood to keep it protected from the elements before it makes its journey to your home!


As a family we split wood, stack the wood, and keep our roadside stand full for our patrons. We also try to do any deliveries as a family to teach our children how to work hard for what they want.

It's once again Campfire season! Flint Hill Family Tree Farm is pleased to now offer firewood for sale for your families needs. We offer small bundles which are $5/ bundle and bays of wood that are approximately the size of 5 bundles for only $20.
Wood varieties mainly include Oak, Ash, Hickory. 

This wood is also safe for use in an indoor fireplace as we use this wood in our own wood stove!

If you or your family need a larger order or need firewood delivered, call or email and we will be in contact. 

**Please note that delivery of farther than 10 miles is subject to a delivery fee.

Payton- wood stacker, wood stand representative


Will-Tree acquisition and felling, wood splitter 

Jennifer- Online presence, large order contact, wood splitter

Abby- wood stacker, wood stand representative

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